Connect Email and Calendar

Connect your email to Spiro to automatically sync all inbound and outbound emails and calendar events with contacts in Spiro. Spiro will also automatically add new contacts you are emailing if they have the same domain as existing contacts in Spiro. 

Note: Spiro will automatically connect both your email and to your calendar - this functionality cannot be separated (IE only connecting to one or the other).

Spiro connects to the following email servers:

  • Google Mail
  • Office365
  • Exchange
  • IMAP

How to connect your email:

1. Go to the "Settings" tab now located under your name in the top right of the screen

2.  Scroll down to the "My Connections" section

3. Click the button that says Gmail for Work, Office 365, Exchange*, or IMAP

4. Enter your email address and email password to connect

5. Once your email is connected, be sure to select your work email and calendar if needed

If you plan on emailing contacts directly out of Spiro, be sure to set the default email client on your computer. 

*To connect with Exchange you will need to know your server name. Check out this article if you need help finding your server name. 

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