Record Layouts


Choose which fields should be visible and editable across different views in Spiro. You can also drag and drop field to reorder them across all views. If a field is not marked as an "Editable Field", user will only be able to read this field and not update. However, Admins can edit locked fields.

From Layouts you can also re-label standard fields under the Label column. For example, you may want to change the label name "Amount" to "Annual Revenue". Click on the label you want to change, edit the label and then click out to save. 

When re-ordering fields for your layout start by selecting which "entity" you would like to customize the layouts for. This could be a record, or a custom entity associated to a Company, Contact or Opportunity record.

Next, choose which fields should be displayed for each of the following views in Spiro:

  • New Record: fields displayed when creating a new company, contact or opportunity

  • Record Details: fields displayed when you are looking at the details of a company, contact or opportunity

  • List View: columns displayed when looking at a list of companies, contacts or opportunities

  • Editable fields: If this is checked off, the field is editable to all users, if it is unchecked, the field will be read-only to all users EXCEPT admins. Admins can update read-only Fields inside the app.

Be sure to save after making your updates!

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