Create a New Contact

Contacts are current customers that you need to keep in contact with or are potential leads with a future opportunity. The benefit of creating contacts in Spiro is that now Spiro will automatically log email activity and interactions with contacts and be able to make proactive recommendations on when you should follow up. 

Create a Contact on the Web

To add Contacts from the web, go to the "Contacts" tab in the toolbar. Once you are on the contacts page, click on the "New +" sign to add a new contact. Spiro will use the contact email address to let you know if a contact already exists to help reduce duplicates. 

Create a Contact from your Email

Forward an email from a contact to with "Create contact" in the body of the email. You can find a full list of your Assistant's email commands here.  

You can also email the assistant directly by saying "create contact" with the contact name and email like so: