Spiro Assistant: Email Commands

In the app, the Spiro Assistant is responsible for recommending the top priority actions you can take to drive your deals forward. But the Assistant can also help you streamline data entry and even answer questions about your contacts and pipeline, all through simple email commands.  

Forwarding Emails to the Assistant

When you receive an email from a contact or prospect, forward it to assistant@spiro.ai and use any of the commands below in the body of the email. Spiro will use the email domain and signature information to create Opportunities, Contacts, and Companies in Spiro.

Important: Make sure that when you are forwarding an email to the Assistant, the email is from the prospect and not from you

Creating and updating Opportunities

  • Add opportunity
  • Add new opportunity
  • Create new opportunity
  • Create opportunity
  • Add new deal
  • Mark closed won
  • Mark closed lost

You can also set additional fields in the body of the email if you want to set specific values for an Opportunity:

  • Opportunity name: ____
  • Amount: ____
  • Close date: ____
  • Description: ____

Creating Contacts

  • Add contact
  • Create contact
  • Add new contact
  • New contact
  • Create new contact
  • Add him/her
  • Add this contact

You can also create a contact from your email directly by emailing the Assistant Create contact [Name] [Email Address] (ie.  Create contact Andy Levi andy@spiro.ai)

When you send an email to a prospect that doesn't exist in Spiro yet, you can BCC or CC the Assistant, and Spiro will create a company, contact, and opportunity for you.

Note: this feature only works when there is only one recipient.

Duplicates: To prevent duplicates, Spiro will first search for the email address (or domain if you are creating a company) in Spiro. If Spiro sees that the email address or domain already exists, it will not create a new record.

Setting Reminders

  • Remind me to [call her] on [date]
  • Remind me to [follow up] [next week]
  • Remind me to [reach out] [tomorrow]
  • Remind me to [call him] [this Friday]
  • Remind me to [send proposal] [next Monday]
  • Remind [team member name] to [call] [next week]
  • Remind [team member name] to [send email] on [date]

When you receive an email from the Assistant alerting you of a reminder, you can respond with Reschedule to [ date/day] or Mark as done if you have completed the reminder.

Adding Internal Notes

If you can your colleagues are discussing an opportunity or a contact over email, you can forward that email thread to the Assistant with the command Add notes to [Contact Name] and the internal communication will be added to the timeline.

Adding Attachments

If you received an attachment in an email you want to add to Spiro (ie. a signed proposal from a prospect) you can forward the email to the Assistant with the command Add attachment and Spiro will automatically associate it to the contact record in Spiro.

You can also email the Assistant directly with an attachment and the command Attach to [contact email address] and Spiro will look up the correct contact using their email address and add the attachment to their timeline.

Asking the Assistant Questions

In addition to entering information into Spiro using the Assistant, you can also query information by asking the Assistant questions. Simply email assistant@spiro.ai with any of the following questions in the body of the email.


See a summary of your activity or your team's activities with the following questions and commands:

  • What did I do last week?
  • What did I do yesterday?
  • Tell me my activities this week
  • What have I done this week? 
  • What did I do on [date]
  • What did [name of direct report] do last week?
  • What did [name of direct report] do yesterday?
  • What did my team do this week?
  • What did my team do last week?
  • Tell me my team's activities for tomorrow
  • List my team's activities for tomorrow
  • What were [name of direct report] activities this week?
  • What were [name of direct report] activities last week?


Set and see your reminders with the following questions and commands:

  • What are my reminders today?
  • What are my reminders tomorrow?
  • What are my reminders for next week?
  • Do I have any overdue reminders?
  • List my overdue reminders
  • Tell me my overdue reminders
  • What reminders are overdue?
  • Tell me my reminders for tomorrow
  • List me my reminders for tomorrow
  • Remind me to follow up in three days
  • Set a reminder for next Tuesday to follow up
  • Set follow up reminder for next week

Opportunities and Pipeline

Ask questions or create and mark changes for your deals with the following questions and commands

  • What's going on at [Company name]?
  • What opps are in [name of direct report] pipeline for next month?
  • What opportunities are in my pipeline for next month?
  • What opportunities are closing this quarter?
  • What will close this quarter?
  • What should close this quarter?
  • What's my pipeline? 
  • What's my pipeline this week?  this month? this quarter? this year?
  • What's [name of direct report] pipeline?
  • What's [name of direct report] pipeline this week?  this month? this quarter? this year?
  • What deals were won this month? 
  • What are my opportunities that are most likely to close?
  • What deals were lost last week?
  • What deals were won  last week?
  • What did we lose last week?
  • List lost deals last week
  • What did we win last month?
  • What did we close last month?
  • List deals won last month

Contacts and Companies

You can also look up information about contacts and companies that are in Spiro with the following commands and questions

  • Who is [email address]?
  • Who is this? (when forwarding an email to the Assistant)
  • Who do I know at [Company name]?
  • List contacts at [Company name]
  • Contacts at [Company name]
  • Who are my contacts at [Company name]?
  • Tell me who this is (when forwarding an email to the Assistant)
  • What's the status of [Company name]?
    • What is happening with [Company name]?

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