Spiro Assistant

The Assistant page is the central productivity hub in Spiro and helps keep you organized throughout the day. There are 3 components to the Assistant page: Reminders, Smart Assistant Rules, and Campaigns.


The Reminders tab on the Assistant page will always show the reminders that you have set manually. You can sort, filter, and search your reminders to help you focus on exactly what you need to be working on. When you drill into a reminder, a drawer will open from the right, displaying the reminder details. You will also be able to see other highlights like contact details and recent activities and mark the reminder as completed.

Smart Assistant Rules

Spiro's Smart Assistant Rules are dynamic recommendations based on criteria set by your company's admin. For example, an admin would be able to build a rule that alerts you if a prospect hasn't responded to a proposal you've sent, or if it's been too long since you spoke with a Tier 1 account. The Spiro Assistant constantly "listens" for activities so if your prospect responds to the proposal you sent, or you reach out to your Tier 1 account (continuing the examples from above), the Spiro Assistant will automatically make those reminders as done.

If you're an admin, or you want your admin to build some Smart Assistant Rules for your company, please reach out to your CSM or to support@spiro.ai who can help give you some ideas on where to start.


The Assistant page will also display any Active campaigns you are working on. You can get a campaign to show up on the Assistant page by toggling it from Inactive to Active in the campaign settings. Once you are done with the campaign, you can keep your Assistant page organized by changing the status back to Inactive. 

Note: The campaign status only determines whether it shows up on the Assistant page. It will not prevent emails from being sent to the list of contacts.