Creating Companies in Spiro

Creating company records in Spiro is both simple and flexible, and this article will showcase different ways users can load companies into the system.

1. Using New Company Button

When viewing the "Companies" tab in Spiro, simply click on the "plus" button in the upper right corner of the menu - from here, you can manually enter in the company name and other information to create the new company from scratch. Note: Spiro will scan incoming emails to automatically associate new contacts with the correct company once the company record exists in Spiro.

2. Mass Data Import

Users can also mass upload a list of companies by using the data import function in Spiro. This is useful when transferring lots of company information from an old system/spreadsheets into Spiro. Simply go to Settings > "Import and Update Data" > and select "Import Companies".

From here, you can download the company import template as a CSV file and add the necessary company information to import many companies at once. You can find more detailed instructions on importing and updating data here.

3. SpiroAssistant

One of Spiro's claims to fame is our email assistant, and this tool allows users to add companies into Spiro without ever logging in to the system. From the comfort of your inbox, simply forward an email from a contact at a new company to Spiro includes a number of commands, but when you tell the assistant to "create a contact" it will automatically create the company as well based off of the email domain.