Making Spiro Proactive

Spiro is pioneering a new approach to sales, marketing, and customer success called "Proactive Relationship Management," but what does this really mean?

Spiro's proactive relationship management platform uses artificial intelligence to:

  • Automate non-selling activities
  • Increase sales effectiveness
  • Improve visibility and data quality

All of which drive revenue performance.

In order to capitalize on Spiro's proactive capabilities, your organization needs to set up Spiro properly. This article will guide you towards doing exactly that.

Email Connection

Spiro's native email integration is the most important piece of the proactive relationship management platform. Connecting your email to Spiro means that email correspondence will automatically populate the Spiro timeline. 

The email connection also allows for Spiro's AI to monitor your communication with contacts, companies, and opportunities, allowing it to proactively make recommendations for prospects and customers who might need more engagement. The email integration also enables the Email Assistant which is discussed in more detail later.

If users are using Office 365, they also have the option to auto-sync contacts with Spiro.


Opportunities in Spiro allow you to track deals and properly forecast revenue for incoming projects. Besides the advantages to your overall sales process, using opportunities fuels Spiro's AI engine to guide the sales team towards more effective outcomes. 

The opportunity close date and sales stage will let Spiro know to prioritize reminders and recommendations related to that opportunity. While contacts and companies allow your organization to track relationships with key accounts, opportunities allow you to track your sales pipeline and bring deals across the finish line. 

Email Assistant

Spiro is the only sales platform in the world that includes an email assistant. This powerful tool allows users to interact with Spiro without ever having to log into the application. By using commands, users can create new contacts and opportunities directly from their inbox. You can also use the email assistant to create simple reports, both for yourself, other users, or entire teams, depending on your permissions. 

Spiro VoIP

Spiro's built-in VoIP phone system provides your organization with a host of productivity and visibility gains. Calling through Spiro allows for reps and managers to have call transcriptions and recordings, so no critical information falls through the cracks. 

Spiro Voice also includes call intents, which helps the AI to better understand your sales process and create proactive reminders based on the contents of a given phone call.

Spiro Assistant

All of these items together power the Spiro Assistant. You can access the Spiro Assistant by clicking "Assistant" in the sidebar on the web application, and by selecting the middle button that says "assistant" on mobile.

The Spiro Assistant uses opportunity close dates, sales stages, email correspondence, and call intents to create recommendations for the sales team. The assistant is a "self-writing" to-do list that includes not only the AI's proactive reminders but manually created reminders and calendar information as well. Reps can use the assistant to gain guidance on all of their most pressing deals, never letting any follow up fall through the cracks.

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