Settings: Spiro VoIP


Spiro VoIP allows you to make and receive calls and texts from your dedicated Spiro VoIP number on the web AND mobile app. The best part: Activity will be automatically be logged in Spiro! In order to see your number and adjust your settings, just go to your account settings and select Spiro VoIP. If you need a number or have questions about how to configure an existing number, take a look at this article or contact

VoIP Settings

This is where you can manage all your VoIP settings. Your VoIP number will come up on the caller ID when you dial directly from the Spiro web or mobile app. If you don't see a number here, reach out to or authorize an existing number.

Call Forwarding 

Incoming calls can be forwarded to another number if you enter one here. Make sure to put a + sign and country code before the number, and don't forget to click Save!

Voicemail Recording

Unanswered calls will go to your Spiro voicemail, and messages are sent to you via email with a link to the recording. If you would like a customized greeting, record one here.

Blocking Numbers

If you're getting a bunch of robocalls about your car's extended warranty, feel free to block the number, and you'll never have to hear from them again! Any numbers added to this section will be rejected; they won't even be able to leave you a voicemail. Make sure to use the format below with the + sign and country code, label the number, and then click "Block Number"