Spiro VoIP (Web)

Spiro VoIP allows you to make and receive calls and texts from your dedicated Spiro VoIP number on the web AND mobile app. The best part: calls will be automatically be logged in Spiro!

Setup Spiro VoIP

In Spiro, navigate to the left toolbar and click Settings > Spiro VoIP. 
From settings, you can set up call forwarding to your personal phone number if you like. Remember to include your country code before entering your phone number and hit save. (US Country Code is +1) Keep in mind that if you have Spiro VoIP enabled on your mobile app, phone calls will ring through to the app if you do not answer from your computer. 
You can also set up call recording under settings. Files for recorded calls will be saved in the contact's timeline. 

Make a Call or Send a Text from the Web

1. Navigate to a contact you want to call. There must be a phone or mobile phone number for the Spiro VoIP icons to appear. 
2. Click the phone or Text action buttons on the top right of the screen. You can also click directly on the phone number to initiate a text or a call.
During a call, a user can take notes, and when the call ends the notes are automatically recorded in Spiro in the timeline. If
If there are multiple contacts with the same phone number, you can change which contact your call is associated with. This is particularly helpful with main company lines, which often get stored in multiple contact records. For example, in the screenshot below, if I get an incoming call from a number that Spiro thinks belongs to Aaron, but it's actually Manda calling me, I can easily change which contact the call should be associated with.
You can also click to dial a phone number when you are on a list of contacts or companies.

Transfer Calls

Transfer calls to other Spiro users that have Spiro VoIP numbers on incoming calls. Click the transfer icon in the bottom left-hand corner and search for the user you want to transfer the call to. When transferring calls, you will be able to see which of your colleagues are available or not

You can make yourself available/unavailable by clicking on the dot next to your name. 

Dial Pad, Call Logs, and Messages

To view the message center, manually dial a phone number or view call logs, navigate to the Spiro VoIP toolbar in the top right corner of the page.

  • To access the dial pad, click the phone icon next to your name. If it is red, click the phone icon once to activate your VoIP session, and then click a second time to access the dial pad
  • Click the bell icon to access the notification center, which holds your texts, missed calls and voicemails, and any other Spiro notifications

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