Spiro Voice (Mobile App)

Spiro Voice allows you to make and receive calls and texts from your dedicated Spiro Voice number on the web and mobile app (iOS). The best part: Activity will be automatically be logged in Spiro!

Turn on Spiro Voice for iOS

Settings > Spiro Voice > Enable

Call Forwarding

If you need to forward your Spiro Voice calls to another phone line, you can set this up under Settings >Spiro Voice > Forward Calls To > enter your phone number. 

Make a Call or Send a Text

1. Navigate to a contact you want to call from your mobile app from the opportunity or the search tab.

2. Click the Phone or Mobile number to call from Spiro Voice. You can also click the text icon next to mobile number to text from your Spiro Voice number. Spiro also supports MMS (picture messaging). If you send/receive a picture, it will be stored in the timeline with the message contents.

3. When you hang up the call, Spiro will automatically log activity for you and ask if you want to set a Reminder or next step. 

Incoming Calls

With Spiro Voice enabled on your mobile app, you can receive incoming calls to your Spiro Voice number.

Dialpad, Call Logs and Messages

To view the message center or manually dial a phone number, click the dial pad icon in the top right corner of the opportunities or assistant tab. 

Once you are in the call log screen, click on the phone again (shown in screenshots below).

Select the Phone icon once more to pull up the dial pad!

Dial any number here! We will automatically create a contact if the number is not associated with an existing contact already.

Custom Voicemail

To set up a custom voicemail, please go to Settings, scroll down to the Spiro Voice section and click "Record" next to the Voicemail section.

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