Spiro VoIP (Mobile App)


Spiro VoIP allows you to make and receive calls and texts from your dedicated Spiro VoIP number on the web and mobile app. The best part: your calls will be automatically be logged in Spiro!

Turn on Spiro VoIP on your mobile

Settings > Spiro VoIP > Enable. You can also set your voicemail greeting as well as set up call forwarding.

Make a Call or Send a Text

1. Navigate to the contact or company you want to call.

2. Click the Phone or Mobile number to initiate a call or send a text. Spiro also supports MMS (picture messaging). If you send/receive a picture, it will be stored in the timeline with the message contents.

3. When you hang up the call, Spiro will automatically log activity for you and ask if you want to set a Reminder or next step. 

Incoming Calls

With Spiro VoIP enabled on your mobile app, you can receive incoming calls to your Spiro VoIP number.

Dial pad, Call Logs and Messages

To view the message center or manually dial a phone number, click the bell icon in the bottom right of the toolbar. 

To access the dial pad to manually dial a number, click into your missed calls and then click the orange dial pad in the bottom right corner. You can create a contact for the number or associate it to an existing contact or company after the call.