Use campaigns to speed up your outreach


Campaigns are a great way to speed up your outreach. You can build a target list of contacts, email all of them at once using a campaign template (or even schedule a sequence of emails) and Spiro will make sure to personalize each email to the recipient. This article walks you through the basics of setting up a campaign from scratch, sending emails, and calling your target list.

Building a Campaign from scratch

Here's how to set up an email campaign from start to finish, including sending the first email.

Sending an email to an existing Campaign

You can reuse a campaign as many times as you want. Here's how to send emails to an existing campaign.

Call the contacts in your Campaign

If you've set up a sequence of emails, you might want to mix in a few calls to those same prospects. Spiro makes this easy with our Call Campaign function. Here's how it works: