Set up your email templates


Templates are standardized emails that can be sent from Spiro. We offer three types of templates and this article will go over the difference between them and how to use them. Templates are user-specific: if you make a new template or change a standard template, it will not affect your co-workers' templates. Your changes will only be shown in your account.

Email Templates

These are emails that are sent to individual contacts. Spiro comes with a few standard templates that you can access by clicking on Settings > Email Templates and then selecting each email from the dropdown list.

You can make changes by scrolling down to the edit section, making any changes you'd like, and then clicking Save at the bottom of the page.

Making a new template

Making your own email template is easy. Click on the purple arrow in the bottom right corner next to the Save button and click New.

Personalize your template by using Merge Attributes in the body or subject. This field will change based on who the template is being sent to. For example, if you use the merge attribute for %{contact_first_name} then the email will start off with the contact's first name. All contact fields can be used as merge fields.

Email Campaign Templates

These are templated emails that are sent to multiple contacts at once using Campaigns. Access them from Account Settings > Email Campaign Templates.

You can create new email campaign templates the exact same way that you created your one-off email template above.

Once you're done, click Save As and now you're ready to send your email campaign. For more help using email campaigns, check out this article.

Signature HTML Merge Field

Make sure to use the merge field "Email Signature HTML" located in the picklist. If you've already set up your email signature, this will make your signature show up automatically once you choose to send an email with any of the templates. 

Text Templates

Similar to email templates, these are texts that are sent to individual contacts. Spiro comes with a few standard templates that you can access by clicking on Settings > Text Templates. Naming, editing and using the merge attributes for text templates are similar to email templates. 

Sharing Templates

If you're an admin, you can create email templates and share them with other users. Use the dropdown list under "Share With" to choose which users should have access to the template. You can also use the "Set as Public" checkbox to automatically share the template with all users. This is particularly helpful if you regularly have new users join your company, so you won't have to remember to share that template with them.

If an admin has shared a template with you, that template will appear in your template section in Settings. It will also appear as an option when sending an email. If you want to edit a template that has been shared with you, simply use the "Save As" function.