Spiro Assistant (Mobile App)

Your Spiro Assistant uses artificial intelligence to make recommendations on who you should call, encourage you to confirm your meetings and keep your opportunities up to date. Below are some recommendations you might see from your Assistant tab in Spiro.

Proactive Recommendations

By creating an opportunity, you’re telling Spiro that you are trying to close a deal with this specific person and in turn, your Assistant will make proactive recommendations to you based on opportunity activity to be sure nothing falls through the cracks. 


View your daily reminders (and past due reminders). You can update reminders using the "Not Now" button or circle with arrows icon in the reminders section. To mark a reminder as done, click the done button to close to reminder card and move on the next. 

Confirm Meetings

Use Spiro's preloaded template to quickly send out an email to confirm calendar events

New Deal Alert

Based on email activity, your Assistant will ask if you want a contact and opportunity created.     

Update Close Dates

It is important to keep opportunities up to date! If a close date is in the past, Spiro will ask you to update the close date

Completing and Updating Reminders

Drill into a reminder to view contact and opportunity information.

A list of actions will also appear so you can quickly call, email, update reminder date and time or log activity.  

View Campaign Lists

You can access Campaign lists you create on the web in the mobile app from the Assistant. Click the black "Campaigns" bar at the top of the screen to access your Campaign Lists and call or email from Spiro. 

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