Spiro Assistant (Mobile App)

The Assistant is the central productivity hub in Spiro and helps keep you organized throughout the day. There are 3 components to the Assistant: Reminders, Smart Assistant Rules, and Campaigns.


The reminders tab will always show you the reminders that you have set manually. When you drill into a reminder, you can click on the three vertical dots at the top right corner to take actions, like marking the reminder as done, snoozing it, or editing it. If the reminder is for a company or contact, you can also find your call and email buttons in the same menu.

Smart Assistant Rules

The Smart Assistant Rules are reminders generated by Spiro based on different criteria set up by your company. They behave very similarly to Reminders, in that if you drill into one, you can make calls, send emails, etc. from the same 3-dot menu in the top right corner. The difference is that Spiro will automatically mark these reminders as done for you once it notices you've completed an action. 


You can also access Campaign lists you create on the web in the mobile app from the Assistant and make phone calls just like you would from the web. Simply drill into a contact in the campaign, and click on their phone number to start a call. Alternatively, you can use the same 3-dot menu mentioned above to take further actions, like logging a manual activity.