Creating Reports in Spiro: Overview

Spiro Reports offers a wide variety of reporting options such as Charts, Pivot tables, Summary views and Tabular views. This enables you to easily analyze your data and derive great insights. The intuitive drag and drop based designer of Spiro Reports' allows you to easily construct the required report. 


Chart is a visual representation of data which allows you to effectively analyze and interpret data. Spiro Reports supports a wide range of chart types such as Area, Line, Bar, Stacked, Pie, Scatter, Combination, Funnel and Web.

Creating a New Chart | Applying Filters | Customizing a Chart | Working with Charts | Types of Charts

Pivot Tables:

Pivot Table allows you to dynamically rearrange, group and summarize data for easy analysis of large sets of data. You can filter, sort and customize the appearance and content of your Pivot Table the way you want it, by using wide range of options provided by Spiro Reports. 

Creating a New Pivot Table | Customizing a Pivot Table | Working with Pivot Tables

Summary View:

Summary View enables you to view your summarized data in tabular formats. This report is extremely useful when you need to analyze huge amounts of data with logical grouping and appropriate summarizations in a visually intuitive manner.

Creating a Summary View | Customizing a Summary View | View, Export and Share Data

Tabular View:

Tabular View will help you display data in a simple tabular format. Using this, you can create a spreadsheet-like report that contains your data. You can see your raw data along with summaries and grouping.

Creating a New Tabular View | Working with a Tabular View