Spiro Release [January 2023]

What's New in Spiro

The Spiro engineering team is back from a holiday break with new features and updates. Here are the highlights of the latest release.

New Assistant Design

The Spiro Assistant interface has been redesigned to make it easier to take action based on recommendations. With this update, Spiro provides the reasoning behind each recommendation, giving users a better understanding of why the suggestion was made. This change will make the Spiro Assistant a more powerful and intuitive user experience.

New Reminders Page

There is now a dedicated page for reminders within Spiro. This will make it easier for users to quickly view and manage all reminders in one location. Previously reminders were located on the Spiro Assistant page.

Warning Icon on the Opportunity Pipeline View

Users will now see a warning icon for stalled opportunities in the opportunity pipeline view. When the warning icon appears, users can open the opportunity details page to review the current status of the opportunity and determine what actions are required to move it forward. This makes it easier for sales teams to quickly identify and take action on opportunities that may require additional attention.

Optional VOIP Pop-up

In the user settings, there is now an option for users to set a pop-up reminder to turn on phone capabilities. This will help prevent missed communications and ensure your team is consistently available.

New Customer Feedback Module

Spiro customers can add the Customer Feedback Module to their subscription in order to automatically survey customers and prospects, which is helpful to maintain ISO certification and to gauge Customer Satisfaction (CSAT). 

Spiro Data Collector Has Been Upgraded

The Spiro Data Collector is now equipped with a new dashboard displaying your import history from any data source connected to Spiro. This new interface allows users to easily track when imports occur, which data sources were imported, and the total number of imported data points.

Campaign Improvements

For those who use Spiro to send email campaigns, we have made a few improvements:

  • We’ve added the ability to search for a campaign on the “Add to Campaign” screen on the contact page. This new feature allows users to quickly and easily locate a campaign without having to manually scroll through the list.
  • Added an error message when you try to send a campaign email but your email is not connected in Spiro.
  • When a contact is added to a campaign from the contact details page, the campaign field is updated immediately.
  • You can now sort on the "Created By" column in Campaigns.

A Few Other Things

  • Admins now have the ability to use an external ID to match contacts, companies, and other data during imports.
  • When a customer responds to a ticket that is listed as "Pending," the ticket status will automatically update to "Active." 
  • You can now search for a company by city, state, and phone number in the Companies list search bar.