Spiro Release [April 2023]

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What's New in Spiro

Our engineering time has been hard at work updating Spiro to make you and your team more productive and bring you new features that you requested. Here are the biggest updates:

Set Custom Time Frames for Engagement Status

Spiro admins can now adjust the number of days before an opportunity is considered “stalled,” or a company or contact record is marked as “disengaged.” This allows you to set custom time frames that align with your sales cycle, ensuring that you can better identify and act on opportunities that require attention.

Filter Opportunity Activities with Email Keywords

You can now control what emails show in the activities section of opportunities. With email keywords, you can now enter keywords that will be used to filter what emails are displayed in the opportunity activities section. Only emails with text that match the keywords entered will be displayed.

Collapse the Details Section on Any Record

You can now get to the information that’s most important to you faster by collapsing the details section of company, contact, and other entity records. Spiro will also remember your preference for collapsed sections, allowing for more efficient navigation.

Additional updates:

  • We have fixed the bug that caused the top line in the opportunity pipeline cards to display the company instead of the name of the opportunity, ensuring your pipeline displays as it should.
  • We have resolved an issue in campaigns that caused the old owner's name to display even after reassigning to a new owner.
  • Support users can now create tickets and associate them with a company, even when there is no primary contact associated with that company, providing greater flexibility and control over ticket management.
  • We have upgraded the Spiro email editor with a new and improved look, improved spelling checker and several improvements under the hood, enhancing your email composition experience.
  • We have resolved an issue affecting Spiro users who were experiencing difficulties making connections while calling South and Central America. ¡Nuestras disculpas!
  • We have added a new merge field to our email campaigns - the "ticket number,” enabling you to communicate a unique ticket number to your customers, facilitating more efficient tracking and management of support requests.
  • We have addressed an issue related to pasting images into emails, ensuring images are pasted at the location where your cursor is placed.
  • We have provided users with greater control over their products in Spiro, allowing them to set products to be “active" or “deactivated.”
  • You can now export from any section of Spiro, providing greater flexibility in exporting data.
  • Spiro admins can now turn off call recording for their entire company.