Spiro Release [July 2023]

What is Spiro’s Tickets Module?

Spiro's Tickets module facilitates efficient management of customer issues, feedback, and support questions while providing greater visibility into customer account health for your overall organization. To start your free trial of the Tickets module, contact Manda Schulman.

What’s New in Tickets 2.0?

Association of Tickets with Companies

When creating or updating a ticket, users now have the option to associate it with a company, in addition to contacts. This enables tracking and management of tickets at the company level, which is particularly useful when an issue affects multiple individuals within a customer’s organization.

Automatic Assignment of Unassigned Tickets

To improve accountability and ensure that tickets are managed effectively, unassigned tickets will now be automatically assigned to the first user who updates or interacts with the ticket. This includes creating reminders, activities, sending emails, or creating custom objects linked to the ticket.

Ticket Ownership Updates

The ticket timeline has been updated to display the owner of each activity on the timeline instead of just the owner of the ticket. This improves transparency and makes it easier to identify which representative has taken actions on a ticket without needing to open each synced email.

Enhanced Email Reply

Users can now reply to the most recent email in a ticket thread by simply clicking the Email button. This maintains the continuity of the email conversation and helps users to review the entire thread for better context.

Addition of Ticket ID in Spiro Analytics Activities Table

Ticket ID has been added as a column in the activities table within Spiro Analytics. Users can now easily analyze and understand the correlation between different activities and tickets by referencing the Ticket ID.

Merge Fields with Ticket Information for Email Templates

Spiro admins can now set up merge fields within email templates that automatically populate with ticket information. This will benefit customer support representatives, allowing them to efficiently reply to emails with the necessary ticket information, such as Ticket ID. This is especially helpful for customers who may be dealing with multiple tickets at a time.

Tickets Now in Business Rules

Entity Business Rules give users more control over who in the organization has permission to create, update, and delete records, across all entities in Spiro. This now includes Tickets, which means users can disable the ability for groups or specific individuals to delete tickets while giving select users permission to do so.

Email CC Integration within Ticket Threads

Users can now easily CC other team members in ticket-related emails and the full conversation will be documented  within the ticket. This streamlines communication by ensuring that everyone involved can see the entire email exchange in one place.

Coming Soon: Pop-up Ticket Notifications

We will soon be offering pop-up ticket notifications. If enabled in settings you will be able to receive a pop-up notification in Spiro when you are assigned a new ticket. Never miss out on a critical customer issue again.

This new set of features is part of our ongoing commitment to making Spiro Tickets an efficient and collaborative tool for ticket management. Your feedback is invaluable, and we encourage you to let us know your thoughts and suggestions on how we can improve further.