Spiro Notetaker


The Spiro Notetaker is now available to all customers, allowing users to have Spiro record, transcribe, summarize, and log all videos with Teams Meetings and Zoom. 

The Notetaker will reduce data entry and streamline the Spiro user experience. Having call logs and transcriptions in Spiro allows users to use AI to draft follow up emails summarizing key points after a call as well as incorporate recent meetings into executive summaries.


Spiro Notetaker is an add-on so reach out to your CSM if you're interested. It can be turned on for specific users and off for others.


Spiro Notetaker will join all of your Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet meetings as long as they sync to Spiro. To ensure they sync, make sure you invite a Spiro Contact to the event and keep your calendar connection valid. If you need to reconnect your email or calendar, you can do it in Settings -> My Connections. 


You'll see video meetings sync in your Activities tab. Open the drawer to see an AI summary and click "Draft Recap Email" to easily get a head start on your followup email. 

Toggle to the Video & Transcription tab to see the downloadable video and call script. You can adjust the playback speed and other options by clicking the three dots on the lower right hand corner of the video. If you're "Following" the account, the content of the video will be used in the executive summary.

Sharing Internally

If you want to share a video meeting with an other Spiro user, you can tag them in a Collaboration Note on the Video Meeting activity.

Sharing Externally

If you would like to share a video meeting with a client or a non-Spiro user, you can use the "Share" button. Once you click "Share" you'll be given the option to copy a URL which you can send in an email. You can also invite them via email which will send an email from Spiro.

If you're sharing via email, make sure to press "Enter" on your keyboard so the email address looks like a blue/purple chip (pictured below). You can add multiple email addresses as long as you press "enter" after each new one.

Each shared video meeting is valid for 45 days.