Custom Tab View

Are you part of an organization that has multiple groups on Spiro? If so, there might be quite a few tabs on your page view that are completely unrelated to what you have to do each day. If this sounds like you, you might want to start hiding them with our Custom Tab View.

In order to take advantage, go to your page view and note which tabs you need to see for your job function. Click the gear icon to see a full list of tabs available

Uncheck the box next to tabs or click and drag each label, and watch them move on the screen. 

To note:

  1. The changes you make will not impact any other users.
  2. If the tabs are dependent (they only show in certain cases), you will not see them if they are hidden. 
  3. If dependent lists are visible (checked off in the list), they will still not show if the dependency rules are not met.