Below are commonly asked questions from users using VoIP. 

General FAQs

Can I use an existing phone number? 

Yes, users can set up their existing phone numbers as verified numbers in Spiro. Outgoing calls will appear on the caller ID as the verified number. Incoming calls will go directly to the number however therefore will not be automatically recorded in Spiro. Users can not text from a verified number within Spiro. 

Can I put a call on hold? 

Calls can not be put on hold. There is a mute button however that can be used. 

If you are receiving an inbound call while on another call, there is not currently an option for call waiting. 

How do I set up a voicemail?

You can set up your individual voicemail on the mobile app under settings > VoIP. If you want to set up a voicemail using the web app, please contact your CSM and they can help you with this process. 


Spiro VoIP is not working on my mobile app.

Please confirm the following before emailing support@spiro.ai to troubleshoot:

  • Check that you have to the most recent version of the app from your app store
  • Check that you are running to most recent software version on your iPhone or Android
  • Confirm that the microphone is enabled in the Spiro app in your phone settings (settings > scroll all the way down to the Spiro app and make sure the microphone toggle is green)
  • Ensure that the phone number you are calling is formatted correctly, starting with the country code. For U.S. numbers, the format should look like this: +13335557777

Spiro VoIP is not working on the web.

When I make a call, the person on the other end can not hear me. 

Web app: Be sure that your mic is enabled in Chrome

Mobile app: Go to the settings of Spiro in your phone app settings and be sure the mic is enabled.

Experiencing issues with call quality? 

Please run both of these network tests and send the results to support@spiro.ai

Please send examples of the calls you have had call quality concerns with to support@spiro.ai