Traditional B2B Sales App


Provided you are a traditional B2B sales team, you are likely able to use Spiro out of the box with very little configuration. 

Defining a "traditional" B2B sales team

  • You have a marketing team and/or business development executive generating leads 
  • You have closers or account executives who bring those leads to closure. There is some level of sales or guidance through this process that generally requires this person - this is not a self-serve sale or a quick phone call confirmation.  
  • The sales process takes longer than a week 
  • You sell your product or services to businesses, not individuals

Who is using Spiro on a traditional B2B sales team? 

There are 4 personas of a traditional B2B sales team:

  • The opener: The resource who is doing market research, assessing customer fit and making introductions, and getting a foot in the door.
  • The closer: The resource who is a product/service expert, guiding the prospect through the sales process to closure. 
  • The account manager: The resource who helps the customer be successful as they can, fielding questions and insuring future business with the customer.
  • Management/Executive: The resource(s) who are overseeing the process all the way through, and holding everyone else accountable. 

Often times one person can play multiple personas in this process (IE the setup person could also be the closer, a closer might also manage renewals, etc). In this walkthrough, we'll focus on the different activities of each persona, and you may choose to incorporate the different workflows as they are for your organization as necessary. 

Setup Guides

You will find below separate guides on how to set Spiro based on roles. If you follow the setup guide for each of the following articles and stick to the process outlined in each, you will have a complete, fully-fledged B2B sales application. 

How to set Spiro up for Openers

How to set Spiro up for Closers

How to set Spiro up for Account Managers

How to set Spiro up for Management

Connecting it all together

As you set up Spiro for your team, it's important to consider how the process will flow, and how data is passed between the different members of your team. At a simplified level, the flow of data for a traditional B2B sales team would look like this:

  • Opener loads contacts (and companies) into Spiro.  Sometimes an operations team member does this for them.    
  • They call and email contacts using Spiro to try and develop them. They will update the lead status on the Contact record based on these outcomes. 
  • Once a lead hits a "Converted" lead status, it is time for a closer to create an opportunity 
  • Closers work opportunities through the process - meeting, calling, and emailing them using Spiro.   
  • Once an opportunity is set to closed won, it is assigned to a relationship manager, who then manages the company. 
    • Optional - create a renewal opportunity for every customer you have, if you sell a product or service that renews on a predefined date. 
  • Management oversees the effectiveness of the whole process:
    • Tracking activity efficiency and workload of openers
    • Tracking opportunity pipeline and bookings of the closers
    • Tracking customer workload and renewal rate of the relationship managers