Setup for Management (Traditional)


The management team in Spiro traditionally is focused on tracking key metrics or making sure day-to-day operations are running smoothly, rather than the pure execution of those things. Management teams spend a lot of time looking at lists of data, managing and maintaining data quality, and managing reports to track their team. 

The amount of data that Spiro collects from the team make it a great tool for managers. Most management teams of traditional b2b sales companies will be able to utilize Spiro with a few basic configuration changes, most of them on reports. This guide will go through:  

  1. Analytics and Filters  
  2. Management for Openers  
  3. Management for Closers  
  4. Management for Account Managers 

Analytics and Filters

Management generally spends most of their time in Spiro looking at reports. Reports let you slice and dice any bit of data tracked in Spiro, and allow for looking at the bigger picture and data trends. For an in-depth look into how to manage reports, please refer to this overview. Accessing reports can be done by clicking on the Analytics icon on the left side of the navigation bar:

Filters in Spiro are also extremely useful for managers. Filters allow managers to comb through data within Spiro itself, for the records owned by the teams that work for them. To learn the basics of creating filters, please refer to this article

Since filters allow you to drill into the record and update them in real-time, filters are used more when you need to look at a detail list. Reports are more useful when you need to look at a macro trend or grouping/summarization. Below are a few examples of the kinds of filters or reports you may utilize for managing different roles within Spiro. 

Management for Openers

Sample reports:

  • Call connection rate
  • Calls made per week 
  • Contacts converted to Opportunities 

Sample filters:

  • Contact filters based on lead status values 
  • Contacts owned by opener

Management for Closers

Sample reports:

  • Pipeline by Closer
  • Closed Won Opportunities by Closer/Month
  • Opportunity velocity by Closer

Sample filters 

  • Open Opportunities by Sales Rep

Management for Account Managers

Sample reports:

  • Customers owned by Account Manager
  • Renewal forecast by Account Manager 
  • Expansion forecast by Account Manager
  • Renewal rate by Account Manager 

Sample filters:

  • Companies by Account Manager

If you need any help building any of the mentioned reports or filters, please reach out directly to your CSM.