Setup for Openers (Traditional)


Openers (aka BDRs, SDRs, Lead Gen, etc) are the prime source of a traditional B2B sales pipeline. Spiro works extremely well out of the box for an opening team - we just recommend a few simple configuration tweaks. Prior to having your opening team on Spiro, you will want to make sure of the following: 

  1. Make sure your team has the proper VoIP setup, with the right area codes 
  2. If the team is in the field at all, make sure that they download the Spiro mobile app from the app store
  3. Make sure there are some good email templates for the Opening team
  4. Customize Contacts to track Lead Status
  5. Understand Campaigns to organize leads and send mass emails 
  6. Use the Assistant to call/email your Campaign lists 

Spiro VoIP Setup 

This is an easy one - your CSM will turn this on for you! If you haven't already discussed it, please let them know which area code each individual would like to use for Spiro VoIP. A few things to consider: 

  • It's best practice to turn on call recording if your locale allows for it. This not only will allow you to review phone calls after the fact, but also will allow Spiro to transcribe the phone calls and make them easier to search. 
  • Set up your voicemail for Spiro - please reach out to your CSM to learn how to do this. 
  • Think of Spiro VoIP as a new office phone number, that can call your desktop via the web or your mobile app. 
  • If you have poor wifi or cell service, the call quality may not be that great.  
  • If you're based in the US or Canada, you can have a Spiro phone number in any area code you want. 
  • You can have Spiro VoIP forward a call to your mobile or direct line in case you miss the call for some reason.  

Download Mobile App 

If you have any openers who operate out in the field, it would be useful for them to download the mobile app.


Spiro does not support apps on Windows phones or Blackberrys. 

Email Templates for Openers 

To learn how to create email templates specifically, please refer to this article.

It's important for openers to have specific email templates to help them be efficient with their consistent reach out. A few scenarios that would be important to create an email template for:

  • Cold email outreach 
  • Email after a voicemail 
  • Email after a call attempt 
  • Email after a good first conversation 

The specific content of the email should be based on your terminology and process. Having these all pre-written for the opener will save them a lot of time and allow you to control the messaging as they reach out to leads.

When creating the template, make sure that you are sharing them specifically for your openers.

Adding Lead Status to the Contacts Page

Openers in Spiro generally work off of contacts in Spiro. It's often helpful to track the status of our progression with a specific contact- We will create a custom field called "Lead Status" to help us do just that. Please navigate to Settings, and go to the Custom Fields/Entities Section, and select the Contact entity, and click NEW.

Create a new single pick-list field called "Lead Status". The pick-list values should be "New, In Progress, Strong Interest, Converted, Opt-Out"

As the Opener team is working on lists of contacts, either through the Assistant or via Campaigns, they will be able to update this status to indicate a level of interest from a specific contact they are working with. They can discuss potential leads in the "Strong Interest" status with their closing team - and if a strong interest lead is good enough, they can mark it Converted, after which the Closer will create an opportunity. 

Tracking the Lead Status in a process like this will allow us to track the conversion metrics of our Opener's efforts! 

Understanding Campaigns for Organizing Leads and Mass Email

Now that we have a method to track contacts as leads, we will want to have a method to organize and call on these leads. The best way to do that in Spiro natively is by using Campaign functionality. You can get to Campaigns by navigating to it using the left navigation bar. 

Please refer to this article on how to understand the basics of campaigns in Spiro 

An example of campaigns you can have your Opener team make: 

  • Campaign to follow up on contacts met at a trade show
  • Campaign to target contacts in a specific area/city/region 
  • Campaign to target contacts of a specific industry 
  • Campaign of Contacts that were generated from a marketing list (exported from your marketing automation or from an integration) 
  • Any combination of the above 

Note - the contacts must either be in the system with the proper data set up or loaded via the data import tool - Spiro is not a data or lead provider. If you'd like to understand how to load data into Spiro, please consult this article

Using Assistant to Call/Email Campaign Lists

After you've created a campaign, you can utilize your Assistant to quickly call and reach out to all of those people on the list. To initiate a campaign into a calling list, you can toggle the campaign status to Active, and the campaign will be displayed in the Assistant tab. You'll be able to access any of your Active campaigns from the Assistant. If you don't want to see a campaign in the Assistant anymore, you can change the status to Inactive.

Once you've done so, go to the Assistant view, and you'll see the campaign list next to your reminders and the Smart Assistant Rules. This is the most efficient spot for an opener to make a phone call, send an email template, or set a reminder to follow up with someone.