Import Your Data - Overview


Spiro gives certain users the ability to mass import, update and delete data within the application, using CSV files. Note - not every Spiro user has the ability to import data into Spiro. Only Spiro Admins and users with the data import privilege turned on are able to import data. If you have any questions about this or are unsure whether you should be able to import data, please contact your Spiro Administrator. 

Navigate to Settings and click on the option to "Import and Update Data."

Upon clicking, you will see the main data import screen, where you will be able to pick which entity you want to interact with. There are 4 types of import jobs. Please follow the links to the respective articles to understand more about each type of import:

  1. Contact Import 
  2. Company Import 
  3. Opportunity Import
  4. Custom List Entity Import   

Pick the entity you wish to interact with. For this example, we will proceed with Companies. You will see a few options appear:  

Once you pick the action you want to perform, you will then be asked to load a file. Please make sure the file is a CSV.

Spiro will then ask you to map fields from the destination entity to fields from your file. The red * denotes a required field, which means you can not continue unless this field is mapped. 

When you are ready to move forward, please hit next. Spiro will perform a record count, and ask if you are ready to begin the operation. Click Import in the bottom right corner to begin the process. You can leave the screen after this - Spiro will email you when the job is complete. You may also check on the job in the Import History section. 

Import File Requirements and Guidelines

  • Your input file  must be saved in CSV format.
  • Use only text, spaces, dashes, or backslashes when naming files. Certain special characters in the file name can cause errors in the import process. 
  • All phone numbers are required to have a standard 10 digit format. Include country code in the number. If you are importing international and domestic numbers it is a best practice to include the country code with a "+"
  •  If you have any EXT's they must be separated from the number and stored in another field
  • To add "+" to your phone numbers, we recommend using the concatenate formula in Excel. Information about this can be found here. You may also run into an issue with the + symbol being the first character in a cell due to Excel's formula rules. If you add an apostrophe before the plus this will eliminate this issue. Example: '+16175555555 
  • For any fields that use Date, the preferred format is: YYYY-MM-DD
  • For any fields that use Currency, the value must be formatted in a "number" format. Example; 1700.00 
  • Assigning an Owner - When Importing data, you will always have to include who the Owner of the record should be in Spiro. Please refer to the article about finding User IDs to understand more about how to assign the owner of a record. 
  • Importing Data With References to Other Entities - When importing data that has a reference to a parent table, you must use the Spiro ID to make the association. This means if you are importing Contacts, you need to have Spiro's Company Id to make those associations. For example, if you are trying to import and Parent/Child relationship, you must use the Parent Company's id, not the name of the Parent company.