Integrating Formstack with Spiro

If you are using Formstack or something similar to send forms to prospects and customers, you can automatically record results in Spiro using Zapier. (See which apps are compatible with Zapier here)

Below is how to build a basic integration in Zapier to record form submissions. 

A few tips before you build your Zap:

  • Make email required as part of your survey/quiz. This will allow you to find the contact in Spiro using email as a unique identifier if the contact already exists. 
  • Depending on data you want to record in Spiro from the survey, you will need to create a custom field on the contact to track data or a custom entity related to the contact and then add custom fields to that custom entity to track the answers from the survey. 

Building your Zap

1. New form submission 

App: Formstack (or other survey/quiz builder available via Zapier)

Trigger: New Submission

2. Find or create contact in Spiro

App: Spiro

Action: Find a Contact

Field to Search by: Email

  • Search Value: Choose email from Step 1 of the Zap using the drop down
  • Check off box for Create Spiro Contact is it doesn't exist yet?
    • Fill in contact info from Step 1 that you collected in the form to create the contact

3. Record Form Results in Spiro 

Option 1- Custom Entity: If you need to record multiple answers to questions from your form, then you should have created a custom entity that contains multiple custom fields to track answers. 

App: Spiro

Action: Create Record for Custom Entity (Under Contact) in Spiro

  • Contact Id: Select the contact id from step 2
  • Custom Entity: Choose the entity you created to record results of form
    • Map answers from Step 1 for Formstack to the fields you created under the entity in Spiro

Option 2- Custom Field: If you need to record one answer or maybe just a link to the response in Formstack then you should have created a custom field related to the contact to track this data.

App: Spiro

Action: Update Contact

  • Contact Id: select the contact id from Step 2
  • Update the fields you added with results from the form in Step 1