Create and Manage Reminders


Setting Reminders in Spiro is very important so you can keep track of your next steps and close more opportunities. Your Assistant will send you push notifications and emails to remind you to follow up. You can also view and complete your daily reminders from the Assistant tab in Spiro. 

Creating Reminders

There are a few ways you can create reminders. The first is from the main reminder screen in the Assistant (above). Simply click the NEW button and select the contact you want to be reminded to follow up about, as well as any other reminder details. You can also assign the reminder to someone else on your team by changing the owner of the reminder. The other user will also get an alert telling them they have a new reminder to complete.

For time-sensitive reminders, select the "Remind Me" box which will allow you to select a specific time rather than just a date. Your Assistant will notify you 15 minutes before the time you set via email and a push notification if you have the Spiro mobile app. You can also set a specific time for your reminder without having to get a push or email notification if you'd like.

You can also create a reminder directly from a company, contact, opportunity, or ticket record. For example, when you are on the details page for a contact, choose "New Reminder" from the many found under the MORE button.

Viewing and Managing Reminders

You can manage all your reminders from the Assistant, within the My Reminders tab. The My Reminders tab holds all the reminders that you have manually created yourself. You can sort, search, and filter your reminders so that you can focus exactly on what you need for the day. 

To view a reminder, click on the record and a drawer will open from the right, with your reminder details. In this case, with a contact reminder, you can see the reminder details, contact details, and recent activities. You can also mark your reminder as done from the drawer.