Create and Manage Reminders

Setting Reminders in Spiro is very important so you can keep track of your next steps and close more opportunities. Your Assistant will send you push notifications and emails to remind you to follow up. You can also view and complete your daily reminders from the Assistant tab in Spiro. 

Creating Reminders

Navigate to the Search bar in the top right-hand corner of the screen and search for the contact you would like to set the reminder for. Choose Remind Me from the actions at the top of contact details. Next, choose a prompt from the list of reminders or write your own. These prompts can be customized for Spiro customers. 

For time-sensitive reminders, please select the "Remind Me" box which will allow you to select a specific time rather than just a date. Your Assistant will notify you 15 minutes before the time you set via email and a push notification if you have the Spiro mobile app. 

Viewing and Managing Reminders

There are two places where you can view your Reminders on the web.

1. We recommend viewing your reminders from your Spiro Assistant which can be found in the lefthand toolbar. From here you will see reminders for today and past.

Click on a Reminder to view reminder notes, contact info and opportunity info.

Under the Reminders section, you will see different actions you can take to complete your reminder (see Actions breakdown below). 

2. You can also view a list of past due, current, and future reminders from the Reminders section in the lefthand toolbar

In this view, you will see reminders ordered by due date, with any past due reminders at the top. You can change the order of reminders by clicking the arrows next to the field categories at the top.

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