Logging Activity (Mobile App)

    Logging activity is important so you can see exactly where you left off with a potential customer and start to analyze what types of activities lead to won opportunities. Spiro automates activity for you so you can spend more time selling and less time entering data.  

    Activity can be logged to a company, contact or opportunity. To get started, find the company, contact or opportunity you are interacting with.

    Logging Activity

    Send an email: By clicking on the email address from the contact page, you will be able to use one of Spiro’s many pre-made email templates. You can create your own templates under settings on the web version of Spiro.  

    Make a call: Select any of the phone numbers in the contact page that you would like to call and it will immediately call that number. Once the call is over, you will be instantly prompted to log your activity and set a reminder.  If you are using Spiro Voice, be sure that it is turned on under settings.

    Note: Spiro can not automatically prompt you to log an inbound call, so be sure to still log that activity by searching for the contact and choosing the Log Activity icon in the bottom of the toolbar.

    TIP: Use the dictation bottom on your mobile phone to speak your notes to Spiro! You can log activity without any typing involved!

    Set a Reminder: Set a reminder for yourself so you know when to reach out next. You can do this by choosing the “Remind Me” icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen. You can enter in any notes for your reminder, set the date you want to be reminded and even set a specific time you want to be reminded. 

    Your Assistant will send you push notifications and emails to remind you to follow up. You can see a list of your daily reminders from the Assistant tab in your mobile app.  

    Log Activity: Navigate to the middle of the toolbar on any company, contact or opportunity page and you will find the “Log Activity” icon. Choose this action to quickly log calls or in-person meetings. Any time you log activity you will always be prompted to set a reminder after.
    All activity logged and reminders set will populate at the bottom of the corresponding page and you can view all activity events in the timeline section. 


    A summary of your interactions with a contact will populate in the Timeline. You can also add notes, attachments and new opportunities for a contact from top of any company, or contact page in Spiro. 

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