5 Thinks You Might Not Know [Video]

At Spiro, we're always releasing new features to help save you time. Did you know you could do all of these?

 We've noticed five features of our product that might not be immediately apparent but can greatly enhance your experience. Let’s dive into them:

  1. Customizing Lists: Did you know that you can personalize your lists in Spiro? You have the power to adjust the width of columns, change their order, or even hide them altogether. Simply drag columns to rearrange them or say “hide” to remove them temporarily. And don’t worry, if you hide something by mistake, you can easily bring it back with a simple command. Organize your lists in a way that suits you best!
  2. Bypass the Drawer: With Spiro, navigating through company details is a breeze. Hover over a company name and click to open a quick view, or click the magnifying glass icon to delve directly into all the details you need. This shortcut saves you time and streamlines your workflow. Plus, once you’re in the detailed view, you can further customize it by collapsing sections or adjusting sublists to your preference.
  3. Custom Tab View: Enhance your detailed views with the gear icon! This powerful tool allows you to tailor sublists related to companies or contacts. You can reorder sections, hide ones you don’t need, or make other adjustments to personalize your experience further.
  4. Filters: Filtering data in Spiro is simpler than you might think. Whether you want to narrow down your search to specific types of companies or focus on opportunities in a particular state, Spiro’s filters have you covered. Choose from pre-built filters or create your own tailored filters to find exactly what you’re looking for.
  5. Opportunity Keywords: Say goodbye to information overload! With Spiro’s opportunity keywords feature, you can refine your search to focus on specific topics or keywords within an opportunity. Whether it’s emails related to a particular product or service, Spiro lets you filter out irrelevant noise and hone in on what matters most

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