Opportunity Contacts

Creating Opportunity Contacts in Spiro

Spiro has three standard entities by default: contacts, companies, and opportunities. Contacts and Opportunities by default are linked to Companies; users cannot create either contacts or opportunities without an associated company. Opportunities are not linked to Contacts by default. Users must create opportunity contacts in order to link contact notes and activities to opportunity records.


Navigate to an opportunity and scroll down to the timeline section and select the "contacts" tab:

Here you can either add a new contact or add an existing contact to this opportunity. If you add a brand new contact, fill in the main details of the contact like you would normally.

When adding an existing contact, you can search among contacts specific to the opportunity's company, or search across all companies in Spiro by checking the box:


Adding contacts to opportunities allows for contact activities to be tracked in the opportunity timeline. You will see all contact activity under the opportunity activity timeline when you've added a contact to an opportunity.