Top 5 AI Features in Spiro [Video]

Spiro is an AI powered CRM for manufacturers and distributors, here are the top 5 ways you can use AI in our platform.

These AI features demonstrate Spiro's ability to automate and enhance customer relationship management through advanced AI integration, improving efficiency and providing actionable insights in real-time.

5. Draft with AI: This feature assists users in writing emails by generating content based on a basic idea provided by the user. It can creatively suggest content, add subjects, and even propose meeting times by looking at the user's calendar.

4. Executive Summary: Spiro uses AI to automatically capture all interactions with customers, such as emails and calendar appointments. It then summarizes this information, providing users with an overview of the status of any company or opportunity within Spiro.

3. Video Summaries: The Spiro Note Taker attends video calls on platforms like Teams or Zoom, records the video, provides a transcription, and summarizes the key points of the discussion. This allows users to quickly understand the main topics discussed and draft follow-up emails with minimal editing needed.

2. AI in Email: Users can forward emails to Spiro, instructing the AI to perform various tasks, such as creating opportunities. Spiro's AI can automatically update itself, create contacts, and handle other administrative tasks that would normally require manual input.

1. Assistant Rules: This top feature uses Assistant Rules to create custom AI Alerts. One common application for Assistant Rules is to proactively alert users to customers who have not placed orders within a specified time frame, prompting follow-up actions to potentially secure new orders.